About US Branch

We challenged various duties after standing, and nominating BK Nexent for New York and, in 1995, accumulated know-how. And I made a new start as the US branch of the Bunkakobo,Inc. from January, 2013 and reached in the third year. In MLB, sports, the news, information, production and various fields, it becomes a branch staff bullet and, based on the past results, wants to still challenge it. We will go on the challenge to the future! While inheriting the thought of the guide, Us challenge continues from now on. Please take a voice willingly.

Branch manager:Masaki Mtsumoto
344-348 West 38th Street suite 507, New York, NY
ZIP code:10018

Duties contents

We meet every demand of all of you simply because it is us which inherit the accumulation for 20 years. Photography, production, coordinates ・A TV program: Sports, the news, documentary, information, production ・Company PR, VP / CM photography (machine parts summary)
Camera: PDW-700 / HDW-750/NX5-J / HXR-NX70U(2 stand) others
Lense: A lot of wide converter /tele converter
Audio: Sigma KS-342 / Kamesan T2000 / wireless mic et al.
Light: IKAN IFB576(LED2 light) others

Main customer, work costumer & products

*TV-Asahi MLB・Sports King Is Me・Houdou Station ・Kiritoru TV
*Way of the Nippon Television AXON dream
*Bridgestone PGA advertisement coordinates
*BS morning sun challengers
*TV Tokyo Channel 12 NEO sports
*Tokyu culture village
*Fuji TV soccer girl World Cup Canada
*Telecom staff Motoharu Sano in NY
*Hitachi document solution company VP photography
*NHK professional
*Disco Boston carrier forum
*Nippon Flour Mills