Bunkakobo is a production company directly affiliated with TV Asahi Corporation, one of Japan’s major broadcasters. We are responsible for producing TV Asahi’s sports programs, as well as a wide variety of other content, such as news programs and documentaries. Bunkakobo also produces PR materials for public organizations such as Japan’s ministries and local governments. Besides our expertise in video production, we also work with print and online media. We describe our company’s wide-ranging capabilities and activities as “Total Media Production.”

Company Profile
  • Bunkakobo, inc.
  • Address:5-10-31 Roppongi Minato-ku Tokyo,JAPAN 106-0032
  • Establishment:August 1, 1953
  • Capital:60 million Yen
  • CEO:Kaoru Mikumo
  • Employees:220
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US Branch
  • Address:28-07 Jackson Ave,#09-158 ,Long Island City, NY
  • ZIP code:11101
  • TEL:212-697-7401
  • FAX:212-697-9542